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Biomass boiler burner

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Biomass pellet burner refers to the use of straw and other agricultural and forestry waste particles as fuel, adopts a semi-gasification combustion method, effectively avoids the problem of slagging of straw particles in the direct combustion process, and adopts precise control of air distribution and intake. Material, gasification and combustion, achieving efficient and clean combustion in one machine!

Biomass boiler burner

Features of biomass burner:

1. Low cost of use: easy fuel collection and low cost. The operating cost of wood chip fuel is only half of that of biomass pellet fuel.

2. High combustion efficiency: More than 20 years of biomass combustion experience, no black smoke, low SO2 and NOx.

3. Long service life: The gasification chamber adopts 1# super high-temperature resistant material for one-time casting without any joints, and is produced through a unique manufacturing process. It can withstand high temperatures above 16000C, and has the characteristics of high hardness and erosion resistance. The service life is more than 8 years.

3. High degree of automation: automatic feeding, automatic switching between large and small fire, automatic start/stop furnace. The operation is simple and convenient, without special supervision.

Technical parameters of biomass boiler burner:

Model Kcal/h Power
20 200000 2.05 0.2-0.3 50 1670X670X1700 0.5
45 450000 2.05 0.5-0.75 100 1900X850X2100 0.9
90 900000 3.75 1-1.5 200 2280X920X1850 1.5
120 1200000 3.75 2 266 2450X1020X1980 1.86
180 1800000 7 3 400 2700X1190X2100 2.64
240 2400000 8.2 4 533 3050X1400X2300 3.1
300 3000000 8.6 5 667 3200X1600X2600 4.3
360 3600000 10 6 800 3850X1785X2720 4.8
420 4200000 12 7 933 4150X1900X2800 5.1
480 4800000 14 8 1066 4460X2068X2900 5.65

Fuel used by biomass boiler burner:

Biomass boiler burner

Biomass boiler burner application case:

Biomass boiler burner

Application range of biomass boiler burner :

Biomass burners are widely used in spray drying lines, casting heat treatment, annealing furnaces, aluminum rod heating furnaces, clothing, hotels, melting boilers, industrial furnaces, greenhouses, steam boilers, hot water boilers, thermal oil boilers, hot air Furnace, drying equipment, paint, wood, gravel, leather, clothing, ceramics, paper products, food drying equipment, etc., for heating equipment use and energy-saving transformation.



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