Rotary kiln burner

Four air channel rotary kiln burner

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The heat of the rotary kiln is provided by the burner of the rotary kiln. The burner plays a very important role in the calcination process of the rotary kiln. It not only provides fuel and oxidant for combustion, but also the main power unit for flame forming.

Four air channel rotary kiln burner

The commonly used fuels for rotary kiln burners are pulverized coal, coal gas, natural gas and heavy oil. Generally selected according to process requirements, local resources and supply conditions. When using pulverized coal as fuel, because the silica in the coal will contaminate products, kilns that have strict requirements on product quality, such as alumina calciners, carbon kilns and certain heavy non-ferrous metallurgy kilns, cannot be used Pulverized coal. The adjustment of gas is more flexible, but if natural gas is produced at the gas station specially built in the factory, the investment is too high. If using process gas, control the flame temperature. Some small external heating kilns (rotating tubes) are heated by wires. Choose the corresponding burner according to the different fuel of the rotary kiln used.

Burner performance of four air duct rotary kiln:

Power Range: 200 ~ 20000kW

Single Burner Adaptation: 500 ~ 10000Ton/Day Production Line

Gas Type Applicable Fuel: Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, industrial coal gas. It can be designed for Dual Fuel Type, Gas & Pulverized coal, Gas & Oil.

Oil Type Applicable Fuel: Diesel, Heavy oil, Methanol. It can be designed for Dual Fuel Type, Oil & Gas, Oil & Pulverized coal.

Coal Type Applicable Fuel: Pulverized coal, semi-coke, rice bran, , wood flour, biomass particles. It can be designed for Dual Fuel Type, pulverized coal & natural gas, pulverized coal & diesel.

Mainly applied to:Cement kilns, pellet kilns, lime kilns, lithium kilns, magnesia kilns, alumina kilns, chromium salt kilns, beneficiation kiln and other kilns in building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power and other industries.

According to the technological requirements, it can be designed as two-channel, three-channel, four-channel and five-channel burners.

Technical parameters of four-air duct rotary kiln burner:
Four air channel rotary kiln burner

Application case of four air duct rotary kiln:

Four air channel rotary kiln burner

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